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Tessa Sacunas

"It was such a blessing and a joy to have Micki photograph our wedding!!! She was professional but also accessible. She has a beautiful vision and sees every moment from such a unique perspective, resulting in the most gorgeous photographs! Thank you Micki and Matt for capturing so perfectly the love and happiness of our wedding day!!!"

Grayson Weil

"Micki is not just a great photographer but also a great person! She went above and beyond for our engagement photos and wedding in Aug 2015 and was always super easy to communicate with and always personable. My wife and do, and will always, highly recommend Micki for any event. Micki is an amazing photographer and an overall great person. We used her for our engagement and wedding photo's and everything turned out incredible. I've been in many weddings and have seen a variety of photographers at work but Micki's professionalism, quality and preparedness surpasses them all."

Stephanie Leuck

"Micki was such a special addition to our wedding experience. Not only was she our photographer, but it felt like we had a good friend sharing our day with us. She took the time up front to sit and get to know my husband and I, find out what our preferences were, if there were any particular poses or types of pictures we wanted. She even accommodated the style of photography I was looking for, which I didn't expect to be possible. She caught so many special moments that I never expected to capture. Something that I really enjoyed was at the reception, it didn't feel like we had this giant entourage with flashes and tripods trying to catch every angle of our every move--but yet, she still was able to photograph intimate moments, smiles, tears, dancing and just the general feeling of the entire reception. Lastly, she delivered to us hundreds of beautiful, edited photos that we can cherish forever. Highly highly recommend Micki for your wedding!"

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